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About Brickworks Games
Brickworks games is a successful game developer. You may know us as the team behind Grim Soul, Cyberika and other well-liked projects. We develop apps for all popular platforms and devices.

We believe that a truly great product can only be created by someone who loves games. Our flagship projects hold the leading positions in charts and millions of hearts around the world, as evidenced by a quarter of a billion downloads.

The success of our projects is the result of the work of a talented team that sets unique challenges for itself every day. We care about people who are as passionate about games as we are.

We build worlds!
Grim Soul
Dark Fantasy Survival is a dark fantasy MMO survival game in medieval setting, where all survivors are driven by one desire: stay alive and survive as long as you can.
This grim story starts from scratch. You are an exile waking up in the forest and you don’t remember your past. Everything that counts is the need for survival in the middle of death and frenzy. Can you find and destroy the source of the coming darkness?
You are to dive into the incredible well thought-out world of the cruel Middle Ages. A large story campaign, detailed graphics, and unique character design make the game have a unique dark fantasy feel. Go from a nameless exile to the Master of your own Order.
Cyberika takes place in Bradbury Complex, a dog-eat-dog metropolis of over three million inhabitants. It was founded in 2055 as a dream of sublime aspirations for a brighter future and a paragon for a world that was developing at breakneck speeds. But then – humanity lost control of its progress.
The game is packed full of quintessential genre components – from stylish to freaky punks, battle robots, cyber-ninjas, ramen stands backdropped by skyscrapers and lots and lots of neon.
Brickworks games is a team of professionals with totally different experiences in the gaming industry united by a single mission: To make games that both we and our players will love!
What are you passionate about? Is it creating beautiful art? Or maybe making games that will go down in history? Or writing clean and concise code?
Are you a person of action? A dreamer? A team player?
Are you in love with games and your job?
If you have answered yes to more than three of the above questions, join Brickworks games team and let's make history together!

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